Apex Mill series/ Wet-type bead mill, media less mill, wet-type grinder & disperser

The Apex Mill series offers a lineup of bead mill and a media less mill. Five models of bead mills cover slurry processing technologies from grinding of micron-size ore to low-damage dispersion of nanoparticles, making it possible to select the most suitable model for various treatments of slurry. Apex Mill, with a slit type bead separator, supports grinding practice of size from micron to nanometers, and the four bead mills of centrifugal type bead separators are applicable to disperse slurries with particles of size from nanometers to submicron, by using micro beads as small as 0.015 mm.
We also lineup LABO series of a bead mill and a media less mill for test works for research on new products and new treatment methods.