Grinding and DispersingAPEX LABO / A-LABO


A small-capacity bead mill that can easily obtain grinded products on the order of nano to micron. A high-performance mill that can obtain strong grinding power by agitating the beads filled in the container at high speed and can further atomize materials in a short time that are difficult to atomize with a paint shaker or ball mill. Due to its sealed structure, it can be safely processed even with organic solvents.

Low and competitive price


 A batch bead mill that can grind and disperse with a small sample of 30cc to 80cc. Fine beads of φ15μm to large diameter beads of φ1mm can be used and supports a wide range of applications from strong grinding of hard materials to low damage dispersion of soft materials that are susceptible to particle damage. It is ideal for atomizing materials in the laboratory, examining treatment conditions, and selecting dispersants because it can handle small quantities, has high grinding / dispersion performance, and is compact in size.
 There is also a lineup of a triplet type that handles three vessels at the same time, which can further improve efficiency.


1. Even a small amount of sample can be atomized!
It can process a sample amount of 30 to 80cc suitable for research. It is possible to atomize expensive materials or materials that are difficult to obtain. A-LABO can efficiently carry out trial production of new products, establishment of processing conditions, and examination of dispersant prescriptions.
2. Can be atomized from nano to micron size!
Bead diameter and rotation speed have large freedom, so a single unit handles various processing conditions. Processing such as atomization to nano size, atomization of hard materials in a short time, and low damage dispersion of soft materials is possible.
   Bead diameter: φ15μm to φ1mm
   Peripheral speed: 2m/s to 12m/s
3. Desktop compact design! Can also be installed in fume hood!
It has a compact design that can be carried around and supports 100V, so it can be installed anywhere. It can be installed in the fume hood and can handle organic solvents and harmful substances safely. Explosion protection is also available.
4. Data can be collected for selecting large machines!
From the experimental data, information such as capacity estimation and size selection for large machines of the Apex Mill series can be obtained.

Applications and processing examples

Mechanism Batch type Bead Mill
Processing purpose Grinding, dispersion, slurry mixture
Corresponding particle size Maximum particle size 100μm or finer
  • ●Fine grinding of hard particles
  •  Inorganic oxides such as alumina and silica
  •  Fine particles for polishing such as cerium oxide and SiC
  • ●Single dispersion of aggregate nanoparticles
  •  Inorganic oxides such as titanium oxide, zirconia, and ITO
  •  Barium titanate (MLCC)
  •  Pigments (LCD, inkjet)
  •  Materials for LIB (positive electrode materials, additives)
  •  Electrode material (Ni, Ag, Cu)
  • ●Granulation of API
  •  Persistent solubility API (active pharmaceutical ingredient)
  •  Intermediate crystal


Model A-LABO
Charge amount 3 types; 30cc/50cc/80cc
Applicable bead size φ15μm~φ1mm
Peripheral speed 2m/s~12m/s
Dimension Length 460mm × Width 370mm × Height 650mm
Electric motor 0.75kw×100V
Weight 69kg

Lineup of Apex Mill Series

Products Summary Applicable beads size
Apex Mill/AM Bead mill for wet grinding
 Vertical type bead mill for grinding particles of micron to submicron.
Ultra Apex Mill/UAM World`s first microbead mill
 Standard model of microbead mills for nano-grinding and nano-dispersion using microbeads, min. dia. 0.015mm
Dual Apex Mill/DAM Biaxial microbead mill
 This microbead mill is sued for nano-dispersion especially with low crystal damage.
Wide Separator Apex Mill/WAM Bead mill capable for high flow rate and with highly viscous slurry
 Microbead mill capable for dispersion nanoparticles at a high flow rate and/or with high viscosity.
Ultra Apex Mill Advance/ADV Ultimate low damage nano disperser
 Microbead mill providing a proper condition for nano dispersion with super low crystal damage.
Apex Mill F&M Seal-less bead mill for pharmaceuticals, foods and cosmetics
 Organic grinding compatible bead mill
 No mechanical seal to improve cleanability and prevent contamination
 Especially suitable for nano-grinding for pharmaceutical use