Grinding/DispersingApex LABO / LABO


The Apex LABO is a small capacity bead mill that can easily perform grinding and dispersion experiments.

Batch type tabletop compact bead mill.


A new experimental bead mill for R&D has been added to the long-selling “Apex-series.” This is a batch-type bead mill at a reasonable price and with a short delivery time. Furthermore, it is possible to scale-up to the production scale of Apex-series machines.


1. The Apex LABO performs grinding/dispersion tests under a wide range of conditions.
By combining each appropriate rotor peripheral speed and bead diameter, it is possible to perform a wide range of processing from “grinding hard particles” to “dispersion with low particle damage.”
2. Apex LABO is ideal for basic research with a small sample volume.
For a grinding and dispersion test using the Apex LABO, only a small sample volume is needed (it is possible to complete a test with a sample volume of 50 to 150 ml). Hence, this model is suitable for testing rare samples, many tests of various types of materials, selection tests of dispersant, etc.
3. It is possible to scale-up to the production scale of Apex- series machines.
The Apex LABO is a newly developed batch type mill that meets customer needs, such as “easy/convenient grinding and dispersing processing” and “evaluation with small sample volume.” Because the basic structure is similar, scale-up to a continuous Apex-series can also be quantitatively evaluated. This model is ideal as a device for basic experiments.
4. The Apex LABO enables experiment evaluation in various locations.
Because the Apex LABO is compact and supports a normal single phase power supply, it is mobile and can be used for experiments in various locations.

Specification comparison

Appearance APEX LABO UAM-015
Processing mode Batch-type Bead Mill (Wet type) Continuous circulation type Bead Mill (Wet type)
Sample filling volume Standard: 100 ml Option: 50 ml,150 ml 150ml
Peripheral speed of Rotor 1.5〜12 m/s 8〜12m/s
Drive motor 0.75kW 2.2kW
Power source AC100V AC200/220V
Size Approx. 460(L)×370(W)×654(H)mm 614(L)×566(W)×932(H)mm
weight 69kg 100kg