GrindingApex Mill / AM


The AM performs efficient grinding processing within a wide range of product sizes, from submicron to several micrometers.


The AM is a vertical bead mill consisting of a cylindrical vessel and a rotor. The rotor has agitation pins that provide efficient agitation and the vessel has a cooling jacket. The slurry is supplied from the inlet at the top of the vessel and exits from the outlet equipped with a variable-width slit type bead separator named as “Corn-Separator” at the bottom.
Raw slurry is supplied from the inlet at the top of the mill and descends through the mill. Rotation of the rotor causes rotating movement of the beads by which they are agitated. The beads are pressed against the inner wall of the mill by centrifugal force and the particles in the slurry are ground by the resultant impact shock. After processing, the slurry is discharged outside the mill through the “Corn-Separator” at the bottom of the mill; the beads are separated by a slit during this process.


1. The AM performs efficient grinding processing from submicron to several micrometers in size.
The AM provides a high grinding processing speed because beads from 0.3 to several millimeters in size can be used, appropriate for grinding. In addition, rotation at a relatively high speed is possible.
Furthermore, the raw slurry is fed from the top of the mill resulting in good bead consolidation. This is also a factor in the efficient grinding process.
2. The AM realizes grinding processing of even highly viscous slurry (max. 10,000 mPa・s).
Because the bead separator is a variable-width slit type and the gap is frequently automatically adjusted, clogging is less likely to occur even with highly viscous slurry. Therefore, beads can be separated without being affected by even highly viscous slurry, which is difficult to process using other mills.
3. Almost all the slurry in the mill can be collected.
Because the processed slurry is discharged from the bottom of the mill, nearly all the residual slurry can be collected through the “Corn-Separator” while keeping the beads inside.
4. The AM results in less contamination in the product slurry compared to that of conventional bead mills dedicated for grinding.
Because the AM is a vertical bead mill with a variable-width slit type bead separator, operation at a low rotor speed is easily performed and there is less contamination resulting from bead wear. The AM is, therefore, ideal for processing where contamination is to be minimized, such as in nano- pulverization of pharmaceutical materials.



Operating condition

Applicable bead diameter
Bead separator peripheral speed

Application and end product examples

Electronic materials (such as titanium oxide, barium titanate),
pigment, metal (such as copper, silver, palladium), agrichemicals, food, etc.

Apex series lineup

Apex Mill lineup
Model Inner Volume
Drive Motor
Approx. Dimensions (m) Approx.
Weight (kg)
AM-1 1 2.2 0.75 0.40 1.05 200
AM-2 2 5.5 0.89 0.50 1.31 325
AM-5 5 7.5 1.05 0.65 1.55 400
AM-10 10 15 1.40 0.70 1.85 600
AM-30 30 55 2.00 0.85 2.30 2500