About “Chemtech Division”


CHEMTECH Division of Hiroshima Metal & Machinery Co., Ltd. has provided the latest equipment and solution for slurry treatment and powder mixing in various industries.

We have been manufacturing and providing slurry treatment equipment and sealed container mixers, which are important for chemical unit operations in many industries, for 40 years. We have provided customers with high-performance and unique equipment and have contributed to the progress in the latest technologies in the fields of chemicals, materials, and pharmaceuticals, etc. and the environmental field. We will also continue to provide our customers with optimal solutions for the technological challenges not only through the current lineup but also through test support and development of state-of-art equipment.

The equipment and technologies we offer include machines and apparatuses that realize basic unit operations of “mixing”, “grinding”, “dispersion”, “concentration”, “rinsing”, “emulsification” and “dehydration” of slurry with high performance.

①“Apex Mill Series”:
High-performance bead mills that are capable of processing micron-size to nano particle slurries, and also media less mills capable of mixing and emulsifying slurries. These mills provide the latest slurry processing technologies.
②“Rotary Filter Series”:
Rotary Filter/Ceramic Rotary Filter, adopting the cross flow filtration technology, are featured as high-speed filtration machines that realize continuous and automated filtration technology in a sealed condition. Ceramic Rotary Filter allows filtration of fine particles of several tens of nanometers in size.
③”Centrifugal Separators”:
Models lined up are four models of centrifugal filtration machines treating slurries with crystals and resin pellets, and two models of centrifugal dehydration machines that are applied to dehydration of industrial slurry products, beverage, food stuff and of sewage sludge.

We built a new laboratory, equipped with various test machines and testing apparatus in 2018. We have staff engineers and scientists who conduct customer’s sample tests and provide customers with support for development of new products and technologically novel treatments. Please feel free to consult us about your problem related to slurry and powder treatment issues.

Kenichi SHIRAI
Division Director,
Hiroshima Metal & Machinery co. Ltd.