• Wet-type bead mill / beadless mill (for grinding and dispersing).

    Our bead mill offers two types of bead separation methods, i.e., centrifugal type and slit type. By choosing the optimal type, beads of several millimeters can be used from 15 microns. It is possible to correspond to wet grinding and wet dispersion processing of micron size to nanoparticles. Particularly, for nano dispersion, five models are available, and thus, optimal model selection is possible. We can also provide a beadless dispersing machine.

  • Emulsifying

    The ZERO has a rotor with unique surface shape and a stator that forms the curved side of the vessel wall.
    The gap geometry and rotation of the rotor generates a high shear force, and thus, this beadless machine can realize homogeneous emulsion over a short period. It is also possible to generate droplets, micron to submicron in size, by adjusting the operating conditions.

  • Micro-filtration / concentration and washing

    Rotary filter can maintain a high filtration rate for up to several months via the agitating mechanism on the filter media surface. It is unnecessary to disassemble for having the cake out and clean the filter chamber, and continuous filtration can be carried out in a sealed state resulting in an improved work environment and contamination prevention.

  • Screen-type centrifuge

    This is a centrifugal screen type solid-liquid separator that efficiently discharges/collects particles and crystals following dehydration through a pushing basket and a screw discharge device. Salts in the size range of 0.1 up to several mm (NaCl, NiSO4, etc.), amino acid salts, as well as resin particles can be dehydrated to the utmost limit.