Grinding/DispersingUltra Apex Mill / UAM

Ultra Apex Mill / UAM

UAM is a general-purpose type machine that is appropriate for grinding/dispersing in the nano to micron range.


UAM is a bead mill that allows one to use the smallest class microbeads from 0.015 mm. This machine is equipped with a centrifugal bead separator and realizes stable processing without clogging at the slurry discharge port. UAM is a basic type among our product lineup of bead mills with a centrifugal bead separator and can be used for various applications, from grinding to nano dispersion. In addition, four types of bead mills equipped with a centrifugal bead separator are available in our product lineup.
The slurry is supplied from the bottom of the mill. After completing the dispersion process via rotor stirring, beads are separated using a centrifugal bead separator (Centri- separator) and only the slurry is discharged outside. There is no clogging of separation part because a screen is not used.


1.UAM performs a continuous and stable grinding/dispersing process, even with microbeads.
Adopting the world’s first centrifugal bead separator, UAM shows good performance in dispersing in the nano to micron range using the smallest class microbeads. Furthermore, it realizes stable processing without clogging.
2. The UAM has a vertical structure making it easy to replace beads.
Because the wetted part has a simple structure (as shown in the figure), it is easy to assemble/disassemble parts. In addition, mechanical adjustments such as slit adjustment and screen replacement are not necessary after changing beads.
3. Using the UAM, it is easy to disassemble and to switch products to be processed.
t is easy to disassemble the mill parts that can be cleaned using washing equipment, such as an ultrasonic bath. For applications, such as medicine, food, and cosmetics, there is also an optional design model that allows for easier cleaning. It is also possible to clean the mill by just flowing cleaning liquid without disassembly.



Operating condition

Applicable bead diameter
Bead separator circumferential speed

Application and end product examples

Material Application Objective of Dispersing Attainable Particle Size (nm)
Organic pigment Liquid crystal pigment Pulverization, Transparentization, Granularity stabilization 15
Ink-jet pigment Pulverization 50
Zinc oxide UV care cosmetics Pulverization, Transparentization 10
Alumina Abrasive, Filler Pulverization 15
Hard coat for plastics Hardness enhancer 10
Silica Wafer abrasive Pulverization, Particle size homogenization 10
Polymar composite Strength improvement, Transparency improvement 10
ITO,ATO Transparent electrode,
Heat ray absorbing film
Electric conductivity, Transparency improvement 40
Anti-reflective coating film
Battery material Cathode material, Anode material High power, High capacity, High quality 20~5,000
Separator, Conductive assistant Pulverization
Nano silver Light shielding material Conductive material Light shielding performance improvement, Electric conductivity 20~50

Apex series lineup

Ultra Apex Mill and Whole Length Sepa Apex Mill lineup
Model Inner Volume
Drive Motor
Approx. Dimensions (m) Approx.
UAM-015 0.15 2.2 0.6 0.48 0.85 100
UAM-05 0.5 3.7 1.10 0.65 1.40 200
UAM-1 1 5.5 1.10 0.80 1.75 350
UAM-2 2 7.5 1.10 0.80 2.10 450
UAM-5 5 15 1.25 0.80 2.10 550
UAM-10 10 22 1.40 0.85 2.20 700
UAM-30 30 55 2.10 1.45 3.00 2700