DispersingWide Separator Apex Mill / WAM

Whole Length Sepa Apex Mill/WAM

Wet type microbead mill applicable to dispersion of nanoparticle with high flow rate or with highly viscous slurry using microbeads.


This model is a wet-type bead mill with an enlarged multi-blade rotor that has functions of both agitation and bead separation. It handles microbeads of minimum size φ15μm.
Adopting the long multi-blade rotor, cross-section area for bead separation is 3 to 5 times larger than that of ordinary bead separators. Thus, this model has a large capability for bead separation, handling a high flow rate 3 times the flow rate of other models. It processes slurries with high viscosities as high as 2,000 m Pascal second even using microbeads.
Since the rotor is uniformly shaped along the vertical direction, it provides highly uniform agitating force throughout the whole mill, resulting in homogeneous dispersion and reduction in crystal damage. In addition, thanks to increase in number of passes per unit time due to the high flow rate, size distribution of the particles of this model is sharper.


1. Submicron to nano-size dispersion processing with microbeads!
This model is capable of dispersing slurry with fine particles of minimum 20nm by using microbeads of 15 μm to 100 μm.
2. Highly uniform dispersion processing is achieved in a short time!
This model achieves uniform dispersion processing by using a high flow rate, which increases number of circulating passes per unit time greatly, and by the uniform agitation force induced by the multifunctional rotor. As a result, dispersion with a sharp particle size distribution is obtained, and gelling of slurry is prevented.
3. Micro-beads can also be used in high-viscosity slurries!
With the use of a rotor for both stirring and separation greatly improves the bead separation capacity by expanding the passage area of the bead separation section. Dispersion of high viscosity slurries like several hundreds to 1000 MPa are available.
4. Easy disassembly maintenance and slurry recovery!
Since this model is a vertical bead mill and of a simple structure as well as UAM, it is easy to disassemble the parts and to recover residual slurry in the mill.



Operating condition

Applicable bead diameter
Bead separator circumferential speed

Application and final product examples

Electronic materials (barium titanate, hollow silica), electrode materials (nano silver, etc.), heat-blocking materials (ITO, etc.), photocatalysts (titanium oxide), liquid crystal pigments, battery materials, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, etc.

Main specification of the Wide separator Apex Mill

Model Inner Volume
Drive Motor
Approx. Dimensions (m) Approx.
WAM-015 0.15 2.2 0.6 0.48 0.85 100
WAM-05 0.5 3.7 1.10 0.65 1.40 200
WAM-1 1 5.5 1.10 0.80 1.75 350
WAM-2 2 7.5 1.10 0.80 2.10 450
WAM-5 5 15 1.25 0.80 2.10 550
WAM-10 10 22 1.40 0.85 2.20 700
WAM-30 30 55 2.10 1.45 3.00 2700

Lineup of Apex Mill Series

Products Summary Applicable beads size
Apex Mill Bead mill for grinding
 Vertical type bead mill for grinding particles of micron to submicron.
Ultra Apex Mill World`s first microbead mill
 Standard model of microbead mills for nano-grinding and nano-dispersion using microbeads, min. dia. 0.015mm
Dual Apex Mill Biaxial microbead mill
 This microbead mill is sued for nano-dispersion especially with low crystal damage.
Wide Separator Apex Mill Bead mill capable for high flow rate and with highly viscous slurry
 Microbead mill capable for dispersion nanoparticles at a high flow rate and/or with high viscosity.
Ultra Apex Mill Advance Ultimate low damage nano disperser
 Microbead mill providing a proper condition for nano dispersion with super low crystal damage.