Dispersing/EmulsifyingApex Disperser ZEROPATPEND

ZERO アペックスディスパーサーZERO

The Apex Disperser ZERO is a multifunctional beadless mill for:
– dispersion of delicate particles,
– processing without bead contamination,
– dispersion/defibrating of highly viscous slurry,
– continuous emulsification, and
– continuous mixing of highly viscous slurries.

This model can meet such requests and offers multifunctional beadless dispersing/mixing as previously stated.


The “Apex Disperser ZERO” realizes dispersing, emulsifying, and mixing through a special-shaped stirring structure without using beads. This model is ideal for emulsification of cosmetics, defiberization of fibrillar material, such as carbon nanotubes and cellulose nanofibers, dispersion/mixing of nano metal particles of electronic materials, etc. In addition, it is also suitable for highly viscous slurry.


1. The Apex Disperser ZERO performs continuous dispersion/defiberization of delicate particles as well as highly viscous slurries.
Compared to bead mills, the ZERO offers processing with low damage to particles and even delicate particles do not impair its physical properties. In addition, a wide range of viscous slurry, i.e., from low to high, can be dispersed/defiberized. *Applicable for even 100Pa · s(100,000mPa・s)
2. The ZERO performs continuous emulsification.
The Apex Disperser ZERO realizes continuous emulsification of generally required droplet diameters and solves problems of batch processing. It is already verified that the ZERO can perform emulsification of the same droplet diameter as commercially available cosmetic emulsion.
3. The ZERO performs continuous mixing of highly viscous slurry.
Because continuous mixing of highly viscous slurry is possible, peripheral equipment, such as tanks and stirring structures, are not necessary though they are normally needed for batch mixing.
4. The ZERO is easy to maintain.
Because the ZERO is a beadless mill and has an integrated structure, it is easy to disassemble/clean the machine.
5. There is no contamination caused by beads.

Performance Data


Application and end product examples

Dispersing: Thick film electrode materials (gold, silver, platinum, vanadium, etc.), Semiconductor encapsulant (silica in resin etc.), etc.
Defibrating: Carbon nanotube, Cellulose nanofiber
Mixing: Battery material (mixture of positive electrode material, carbon, and binder), etc.
Emulsifying: Cosmetic (skin milk), toiletry, food, synthetic rubber (latex), etc.
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