CentrifugationTurbo Cascade / C

C ターボ・カスケード

The Turbo Cascade is a continuous flow centrifuge specialized for dehydrating large particles.


This model is a continuous flow centrifuge developed for dehydrating large particles, such as resin pellets composed of nylon, polyester, etc.


1. Simple separation structure

There is no mechanism of mechanical discharge control and the product is continuously discharged via the centrifugal force acting on the workpiece itself resulting in low power consumption.

(1) Raw slurry is supplied through the feed pipe to the hopper portion of the guide plate, accelerated, and forcibly fed to the small section of the first stage basket.

(2) The basket with the screen revolves at a high speed and the filtrate is swung toward the outer circumference of the basket.

(3) The filtered product flows down to the first, second, and third stages similar to the waterfall that rotates toward the basket’s large diameter side via the effect of the centrifugal force. This throw-off effect allows for more powerful dehydration.

(4) The product continuously receives this effect, and finally it is discharged from the end of the basket.

2. Lightweight, compact, high maintenance
Turbo cascade has a simple structure. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to maintain. Additionally, the initial cost can be kept low.


The spindle is supported by two bearings equipped in the housing, with a stepped basket at the tip and a drive section at the other end. The dewatering section including the basket is covered with a casing to prevent dehydrated products and filtrate from scattering, and a feed pipe for supplying the raw slurry is equipped. On the inner surface of the basket, stainless steel wire mesh is set on each step. The guide plate prevents jumping of the dehydrated product and extends the retention time of the product to enhance the dehydration effect. Additionally, by providing a shaft seal on the spindle, the dehydration chamber can be sealed (within 0.06 MPa internal pressure). In this manner, in addition to a very simple structure, maintenance and inspection are easy because the lubrication method of the bearing part is of an oil bath type.

Centrifuge lineup

Turbo Cascade lineup
Model C400G C520G C700G
Basket dia.
400 520 700
Nominal capacity
3 6 12
Basket rotation
2400 2050 1750
Centrifugal effect
1200 1200 1200
Drive motor
7.5 11 22
Approx. dimensions
L 1350 1700 2100
W 800 1450 1800
H 1150 1350 1700
Approx. Weight
900 1500 2100