CentrifugationPusher / SP

SP プッシャー

Cleaning/dehydration without fracturing crystalline bodies.


The Pusher is a separation dehydrator suitable for separation and dewatering of solid particles of a relatively large particle diameter (0.1 mm or larger) similar to the Centrus. This model is suitable for slurries that require a cleaning process or that are difficult to treat with the Centrus.


1. Crystalline materials are not fractured.
Crystalline materials are continuously extruded, moving slowly over the cylindrical screen. Grain shapes maintained during recovery.
2. Exceptional rinsing performance
The rinse liquid is directly supplied to the crystalline materials immediately after dehydration. Because the detention time is long and there is a high rinsing performance, only the minimum rinsing liquid is necessary for it.
3. Low mechanical wear


SP プッシャー構造
  1. Raw slurry is supplied to the feed pipe, followed by the accelerating hopper, and distributed to the inside of basket ‘A’.
  2. Surface water/moisture is removed via centrifugal filtration.
  3. Solids remaining over the screen are gradually conveyed to basket ‘B’ via the function of basket ‘A,’ which is performing a reciprocating movement, thus further advancing the dehydration process. The impurity on the surfaces of the solids can also be efficiently washed by supplying the rinse liquid from inside the basket.

Centrifuge lineup

Pusher lineup
Model Nominal Capacity
Drive Motor Centrifugal
Main Pushing
Length Width Height
SP250 2.5 5.5 2.2 600 700 1750 900 1000
SP350 4.5 7.5 3.7 600 900 1850 1040 1050
SP450 8 15 7.5 600 1800 2200 1300 1330
SP600 15 22 11 600 3000 3400 1560 1570
SP800 25 45 18.5 600 4000 3600 1850 1920