Concentration/WashingRotary Filter / RF

RF ロータリーフィルター

The Rotary Filter realizes fully automatic continuous dehydration, concentration and washing of solid matter up to the submicron level in multiple filter chambers with a sealed structure.


The Rotary Filter is a unique pressurized filter that is capable of automatic continuous operation adapting the principle of cross flow filtration (dynamic filtration).
The filtration and agitating plates are alternately placed at narrow intervals in the filter chamber with a completely sealed structure. The agitating plate continuously rotates during filtering. A stable filtration rate can be maintained via the crossflow effect that is provided by the agitating plate.
The raw slurry is pressurized and fed from one side of the filter chamber. It is filtered and concentrated while moving through the filter chambers and then discharged as a concentrate or pasty cake from the discharge valve on the other side of the filter chamber. In addition to concentration and dehydration, the Rotary Filter can allow cake washing to remove solute contents (impurities) contained in the slurry by replacing the mother liquid.


1. The Rotary Filter provides continuous long-term operation at a high filtration rate dramatically shortening the filtration time.
Turbulent flow on the filter media via cross flow maintains a thin cake layer such that a high filtration rate is maintained. During the cake washing process, the impurities are removed at a higher rate and the solid particles are washed under a dispersed condition. It is, therefore, possible to achieve a high washing efficiency in a short time.
2. Process automation facilitates quality control and reduces the production cost.
Quality control can be more readily performed through numerized cake washing and cake dehydration degrees as well as an automatically controlled production process. During the dehydration process, handling is easy because the cake with a stable concentration can be continuously discharged and the machine is automatically cleaned after filtration. Production costs are reduced through a product high yield and less manpower.
3. The process can be operated in a fully sealed state realizing a clean working environment.
Concentration/dehydration is carried out in a sealed container and supplementary work, such as cake discharging or machine cleaning, can also be carried out in a completely sealed state. This prevents scattering of the slurry and odor diffusion; a clean working environment can be realized. There is no troublesome work, such as cleaning of accessory parts.



Simplified chart of sealed automatic continuous pressure filtration machine

Type Rotary Filter【RF】
Applicable Particle
Fine particles
Sub-micron–100 μm
Processing Mode Washing, Concentration, Dehydration
Filter Media Cloth
Filtration Rate 200 〜 2000 L/㎡hr
  • Electronic component material (MLCC, magnetic material, etc.)
  • Secondary battery material
  • Metal Hydroxide, Oxide
  • Pigment (Toner Color filter resist etc.)
  • Cosmetic material (calcium carbonate, titanicoxide, etc.)
  • Metal recycling
  • Wastewater treatment from nuclear power plants


Precision washing of electronic materials, washing/dehydration of magnetic materials, metal hydroxides, washing/dehydration of oxides, washing of ceramic materials, washing/dehydration of battery materials, dehydration, dehydration of nuclear laundry drainage, etc..

Rotary Filter series lineup

Rotary Filter
Model Filtration Area
Drive Motor
Approx. Dimensions (m) Approx. Weight
Length Width Height
RF-02 0.18 3.7 0.95 0.60 0.95 550
RF-1 1 5.5〜7.5 1.50 0.80 1.20 750
RF-2.5 2.5 11〜15 1.70 0.90 1.40 1200
RF-5 5 22〜30 2.00 1.30 1.60 1700
RF-10 10 37〜45 3.20 2.00 1.40 3900
RF-20 20 45〜55 3.50 2.30 1.95 5800
RF-30 30 55〜90 3.90 2.40 2.10 8000