CentrifugationCentrus / N

N セントラス

Dehydration of crystalline bodies down to an ultra-low water content.


Centrus is a dehydrator with technology introduced from Germany and has been used in several industries, such as the chemical, food, nonferrous metal, petrochemical (resin) industries. The Centrus belongs to a screw discharge continuous centrifugal dehydrator even among solid–liquid separation methods, suitable for separation and dewatering of solid particles (0.1 mm or larger) of a relatively large particle size.
The Centrus has numerous features, such as continuous automatic operation, high processing ability with low power consumption, excellent dehydration performance, a compact and space saving design, etc. These contribute to streamlining and energy saving in many industries.


1. Dehydration of crystalline and resin pellets down to an ultra-low water content.
Dehydration in a very short time is enabled through intense centrifugal force and screen filtration. Dehydration to the utmost limits requires no post- process dryer.
2. Compact and space saving design
This model is very compact and space saving, given it only uses centrifugal filtration.This results in an extremely short detention time needed for dehydration.
3. Easy maintenance and low operational cost
The structure is simple and each component is lightweight resulting in easy maintenance.The short maintenance time contributes to the improvement in the machine utilization.


Raw slurry is fed into the center of the screw via the feed pipe and supplied to the inside of the basket from the screw apertures. Liquid is instantaneously separated and the dehydrated solids over the screen are continuously scraped and conveyed toward the large bore side by the screw and discharged outside. Simultaneous rinsing of solids is also possible by pouring the rinse liquid into the rinse pipe inside the machine.


Centrifuge lineup

Centrus lineup
Model Nominal
Drive Motor Centrifugal
Main Lubricating
Length Width Height
N200 0.5 〜 1.5 3.7 1600 225 985 990 915
N250 1 〜 3.5 5.5 1600 560 1175 1135 1060
N320 3 〜 7 7.5 1600 700 1295 1165 1155
N400 5 〜 12 15 0.4 1600 1100 1690 1200 1425
N520 10 〜 25 30 0.4 1200 2000 2160 1540 2160
N700 20 〜 50 45 〜 55 0.4 1200 3000 2480 2160 2140