Concentration/WashingCeramic Rotary Filter / CRF

CRF セラミックロータリーフィルター

The Ceramic Rotary Filter concentrates/washes nano-slurries.


The Ceramic Rotary Filter adopts ceramic filter media with ultra fine pores allows for stable filtering of nano-slurries by taking advantage of cross flow filtration. The minimum pore size of the ceramic filter media is 7 nm and a clear filtrate is obtained. Disk-shaped ceramic filter plates are mounted to the rotating shaft at regular intervals in the filter chamber of the completely sealed structure. The ceramic filter plates rotate at a high speed during filtration operation.
The raw slurry is pressurized and fed from one side of the filter chamber. The filtrate is filtered by a ceramic filter media passing through the hollow inside the shaft from the ceramic filter plates and discharged outside. The Ceramic Rotary Filter realizes circulating concentration in the tank while returning the concentrate to the tank at all times. In addition, it is possible to perform cake washing (to remove impurities) similar to the Rotary Filter.


1. The Ceramic Rotary Filter can completely capture nanoparticles using the ceramic filter media with ultrafine pores.
The ceramic filter media with a pore size of 7 nm to 2 μm completely captures nano-sized particles that were difficult to capture using conventional technologies. Because the pore size of the filter media is much smaller than that of the solid particles, the filter media tend not to clog and it is optimal for filtration of nano-slurry as well as dilute slurry.
Ceramic filter lineup
Pore Size 2.0μm 5.0μm 0.2μm 60nm 30nm 7nm
Material Al2O3 Al2O3 Al2O3 Al2O3
TiO2 MgAl2O4
2. Even a nanoparticle slurry can be processed with stable filtration performance.
With normal pressure filtration, the filtration rate of a nanoparticle slurry is very slow. However, with a ceramic filter that rotates at high speed, the filtration can be stabilized at relatively higher rate even with a nanoparticle slurry because the cake layer remains thin during filtering.



Ceramic filters set in the shaft rotate at a high speed in the filter chamber with a pressure resistant structure. The slurry is pressurized and fed from the supplying port. The concentrated liquid is collected and the clean filtrate filtered by the ceramic filters passes through the hollow inside the shaft and is discharged outside.

Operation Flow


Circulating cake washing operation The raw slurry is filtered and impurities (salts) dissolved in the filtrate are discharged. By supplying fresh washing water to the raw slurry tank, the mother liquid is gradually replaced with washing water. Because the particles can be washed in a dispersed condition, they can be evenly and uniformly washed.

Circulating concentration operation. By stopping the supply of fresh washing water, the solid concentration in the slurry tank is increased.

Performance Data

Example: Nanoparticle filtration of titanium oxide (10 mass%) slurry.


Rotary Filter series lineup

Ceramic Rotary Filter lineup
Model Filtration Area
Drive Motor
Approx. Dimensions (m) Approx. Weight
Length Width Height
CRF-0 0.03 2.2 〜 3.7 1.0 0.6 1.2 500
CRF-1 1 3.7 〜 5.5 1.5 0.8 1.2 650
CRF-2 2 3.7 〜 5.5 1.5 0.8 1.5 750
CRF-5 5 7.5 〜 11 1.5 0.8 2.2 1200